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F Series Mud Pump
The structural features and properties of F Series Mud Pumps are more advanced, Vulnerable parts of hydraulic end are as per API standards.
F Series Mud Pumps include F-500,F-800,F-1000,F-1300,F-1600,RLF-2200
Features of F Series Mud Pumps:
F Series Mud Pumps are firm in structure, compact, small in size and with good functional performances, which can adapt to drilling technological requirements such as oilfield high pump pressure, high displacement etc.
The F Series Mud Pumps with long strokes can be maintained at lower strokes per minute, which effectively improves the water performance of mud pump and prolongs the service life of the fluid end. The suction stabilizer with advanced structure and reliable usage can achieve the best buffering effect. Power ends of the F Series Mud Pumps, adopting the combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication, are reliable and increase the service life of power ends.This series of pumps are widely used in oil fields and other industrial and mining enterprises, drilling and workover operation etc. This series of pumps are manufactured strictly in accordance with API Spec 7K Drilling and Workover Equipment Specification and carried out delivery test in accordance with the standard.

​F Series Mud Pump