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Series self-propelled rig applicable to 1000-4000M(4 1/2”DP) for oil, gas and water well drilling. With the advantages of overall unit reliable performance, convenient operation, convenient carrying, low cost of operation and rig move and so on. Technical characteristics:
Drawworks has single drum or double drum, the main drum main brake is hand(disc) brake and equipped with a rotor or water cooled auxiliary brake, safe and reliable. The rig is equipped with two sections of mast type telescopic derrick and use the oil cylinder to complete lifting and stretching. Derrick’ vehicle and weight ensure that the vehicle has good trafficability characteristic while working and good carrying capacity and stability while operating. The rig floor adopts spiral rising type or a vertical lifting type structure which saves time and reduces transpotation. Carrier loader meets the requirements of vehicle announcement. It has the advantages of wide driving vision, flexible steering, braking quickly and effectively, good cross country ability, strong trafficability characteristic and so on, and is suitable for oil field road and meanwhile meets the drilling equipment work requirements for long-term overload.

Mobile Carrier Rigs