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This kind drilling rigs adopt united drive mode of diesel engine+ hydraulic coupling +integral coupler chain box or combined drive mode of diesel engine +reducer +narrow V belt, so the drilling rig can drive smoothly and softly and have good power interwork. The gear of drawworks and rotary table is so many that the use ratio of the power is high.
Power unit and transmission are installed in low location and adopt universal shaft to transfer the power to drill floor and drive the rotary table. Drawworks are sealed and chain drived. Main brake adopts hydraulic disc brake of band brake and auxiliary brake adopts electronic eddy current brake. The drilling rigs adopt free standing mast which is front-open. This kind mast can be raised integrally and installed in a low location which is convenient and efficient. It meets the demand of BOP installation that the floor adopts box stacking structure, which is simplified for structure, convenient for installation and high for clearance. Rotary table and it’s drive service is parallel with the drill floor. The drill floor is smooth and it’s operation place is big enough. Drilling rig is equipped with driller control room and drilling operation instruments. Parts of hydraulic and pneumatic machines being operated in the control room can improve the working environment and decrease labour intensity of drillers.
The manufacture of main components accord with API standards and the components are stamped with API mark.

Mechanical Drive Drilling rig