Electromechanical Compound Drilling Rig - Electromechanical Compound Drilling rig - Dongying Xinwo petroleum machinery Co.,Ltd
The drilling rig is equipped with 2000 or 3000 serail diesel engine. The engine is a 3-4 machines coupling type which is drive by hydraulic clutch reducer casing.
Drawworks and mud pumps are unified mechanical driving and the rotary table is drive independently by AC or DC motor.
Adopting integral chain box or belt coupler service to coupling is of well sealing and easy installation. Which drum is slotted and air gear shift. Main brake adopts hydraulic disc brake and auxiliary brake adopts electronic eddy current brake.
Rotary table is drived by AC frequency motor which can achieve stepless speed regulating between0-240r/min. The AC is supplied from auxiliary generator set.
The drilling rig is equipped with driller control room. The gas, electric and hydraulic control can be proceed in the control room which can improve the working environment and decrease labour intensity of drillers.

Electromechanical Compound Drilling Rig