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DC electric drive drilling rigs adopt international advanced AC-ACR-DC power system. The drawworks, rotary table and mud pump can be stepless speed changing so that the drilling rig can acquire good drilling performance.
The drilling rigs adopt parallelogram integral rising substructure to achieve installation of drill floor equipments and mast at a low location. The substructure can be raised in place by drawwork power. The main brake of drawworks adopts hydraulic disc brake which have enough brake torque and is flexible and reliable. The auxiliary brake is equipped with air-cooling or water cooling electronic eddy current brake. But the auxiliary brake also can be pneumatic control disc control. Drawworks are equipped with automatic drilling service for disc brake. The rotary table adopts independent drive structure and it’s chain box have two shifts. The chain box is under drill floor so that the working place of drill floor can be large.  The drilling rig is equipped with independent driller control room. The gas, electric and hydraulic control and drilling parameters and instrument display can be arranged unitedly so that it can achieve logic control, monitoring and protection through PLG during the whole drilling. In the mean time, it can also achieve saving, printing and teletransmission of the data. Driller can accomplish all operations in the room which can improve the working environment and decrease labour intensity of drillers. The manufacture of main components accord with API relevant specifications and components are stamped with API mark.

​DC electric drive drilling rigs