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Current slump in the Oil Industry

The current downturn in the Oil industry is having drastic effects on many of us at present, however lets not forget this is a robust industry and will bounce back. From a personal point I have been fortunate enough to be in this industry since way back in 1979 on the first day of my welder apprecticeship and can honstly say I have loved every single day in this fantastic ever changing industry. This is not the first decline we have experienced, neither will it be the last unfortunately, but cast our minds back to the 1986 decline which to date has been the worst we have experienced yet this industry fought back, so as hard as times are at present we must remain positive. Many of our clients, customers and friends within the industry are currently going through constant cuts, delays in projects and endless means of saving money during this current slump, from a recruitment side many Consultants and Managers will feel the pressure of dipping sales and revenue tumbling as the industry continues to cut back, in this scenario it is all too easy  to make harsh judgment calls and target new sectors, clients and revenue streams, correctly so as no business should keep all their eggs in one basket, but clients and customers who have provided good business in the past could no doubt do with some support in these hard times.

we should continue and even increase our calls and catch up meetings with these clients reassuring them that our support as a recruitment partner is with them through the bad times as well as the prosperous ones, from our knowledge we can keep them informed of current trends, what markets are hiring, what ones are still cutting back, availability of strong candidates when things eventually turn around, basic information like this and regular chats give our clients reassurance that as recruitment partners we are standing by them. When things start to bounce back, and they will for sure, clients will remember who was there during the bad times, who called in for a chat and a catch up, who was updating them on current market trends, most of them if not all will forget about those who cut off or severly limited contact to chase new revenue.