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Investing in Iran's Oil Industry after Sanctions are Lifted

Iran is an energy superpower and the Petroleum industry in Iran plays an important part in it
With the increasing likelihood that international sanctions on Iran will be lifted, Iran is finalising a contract system to secure around $100bn of new oil and gas deals with western companies.
The level of interest in Iran is at an all-time high, this move marks a big shift for a regime habitually wary of foreign groups participating in its energy sector. Many energy sector companies and businesses from other sectors have traveled to Iran to seek market opportunities in anticipation of the sanctions being lifted.

Iran has the fourth biggest oil reserves in the world and is pumping an estimate of 2.8 million barrels a day. We help our clients navigate the investment risks and opportunities in Iran's energy market.
We are always interested in speaking to Iranian nationals who are exceptionally well connected in the oil and gas industry in Iran, in particular, if they have worked for or had direct exposure to some of the IOCs that were there pre-sanctions.
No doubt Iran will be looking for a two-way trade as well as cooperation in development, design and engineering in the Petroleum industry which will open the way for European oil majors and oil service companies to potentially secure new contracts and expand their market reach.
However with oil prices at an all-time low, and Iran’s plans to double its crude exports after sanctions are lifted mean that prices could continue to plummet. This in turn could have a very detrimental effect to the American Drilling Industry.
The best companies for energy investors will be the midstream players that move, refine, and store all of the oil being pumped during this glut. There will also be a lot of opportunities for oilfield service companies from the UAE once the market opens. Especially since Iran and the UAE have very strong trade links with non-oil trade between the two countries amounting to $17 billion in 2014.
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